Children of Hope School

29 May 2017

According to the needs to develop & improve educational standard among children in Nepal by providing them quality education & personal excellence, it was decided to establish Children of Hope School at Krishna Nagar, District: Kapilvastu, Nepal.

The COH School aims to develop educational standard in this area and want to grow up to high level stage that a common man could not think this high ratio. Poor parents/guardians could not dream to provide a good education for their children as well as they could not imagine educational and moral changes in their children. The School made it possible by the grace mercy of Almighty Allah.

The COH School is offering their services that aim to allow all children in this area to take advantage of the educational opportunities created by Children of Hope and HRO Nepal.

The COH School is developing children from the beginning and guiding them in the right directions to achieve the noble goal of education, so that they can play a key model role in the field of education, and become educated, civilized and developed.


The goal of Children of Hope School is to guide children to explore, help them to acquire skills and instill in them the joy of learning, which would set the tone for the rest of their lives.



The objectives of Children of Hope School are as follows:

  • To develop good health habits and to build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustment e.g. dressing themselves, eating, etc.
  • To develop desirable social attitudes and manners to encourage healthy group participation.
  • To develop emotional maturity by guiding the child to express, understand, accept and control his feelings and emotions.
  • To encourage aesthetic appreciation in the child.
  • To stimulate in the child the beginning of intellectual curiosity concerning his/ her immediate environment to help him understand the world in which he/she lives and to foster interest through opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment.
  • To encourage in the child independence and creativity by providing him with sufficient opportunities for self expression.
  • To promote excellence through continuous improvement.


This program will be helpful to enroll more children in school by providing them all facilities to develop their lives through social and educational programs. After that they will be educated and civilized and responsible person towards community and nation also.