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Who We Are

Children Of Hope is federally registered with the Government of Canada and Canada Revenue Agency (Registered Charity No: 84038 4879 RR0001) Registration Info and functions under the Canada Corporation Act. The Organization maintains a strict policy of accountability and transparency in all its transactions.

Children Of Hope is a volunteer organization governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of community leaders, entrepreneurs, and young professionals. Board members are committed to delivering Children of Hope’s mandate and continuing to grow its ability to “make a difference” through advocacy and raising funds for orphans and destitute children.

The Board’s responsibilities include accountability, administering and approving funds, managing projects, and providing guidance on proposed initiatives. Our committed volunteer base comprises of individuals with various skills and expertise, which are leveraged to steer our key initiatives. Many of our volunteers are parents with young families, from various backgrounds and cultures, who feel compelled to help those children in the world who are vulnerable and in dire need of our help.

Human Relief organization Nepal is a counter part of COH in Nepal and implementing different of project of COH in Nepal.


Children of Hope Team

The organizational structure of HRO Nepal, as it base, has a general committee who elect executive committee for (2) two years and to achieve aims of HRO Nepal. All members approach the philanthropic people, benevolent well- wishers and sympathizers for liberal contribution throughout the year. The Executive Committee members are as follows:

Name & Profession Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan   (Social service) Name & Profession Mr. TahirMahmood   (Social service)                                                      
Position Chairman Position Vice – Chairman

LumbiniCultural Municipality, Ward No. 06, ParsaChowk, District: Rupendehi,

Mobile:  977-9867001775               

E-Mail: hasibkhan246@gmail.com

Banganga Municipality,  Ward No. 11, Ban Katwa, District: Kapilvastu

Mobile:  977-9847040335               

E-Mail: abuammarfalahi@gmail.com
Name & Profession Mr. Ghufran Ahmad Shakir                (Teacher) Name & Profession Mr. Shamsul Huda Musalman  (Businessman)
Position Secretary General Position Assistant Secretary

Krishna Nagar Municipality, 03, District: Kapilvastu, Lumbini, Nepal

Telephone/ Mobile: 977-76-520102, 9847040404

E-Mail: ghufran@ghufran.com.np

LumbiniCultural Municipality, Ward No. 03, Parariya, District: Rupendehi

Mobile:  977-9807478848               


E-Mail: shamskhan.786.16@gmail.com
Name & Profession Mr. Abdus Salam Musalman (Teacher) Name & Profession Mr. Mohammad Ilyas           (Social Service)
Position Finance Secretary Position Executive Member
Address MaharajGanj Municipality, Ward No. 10, Mujahni, District: Kapilvastu Address MaharajGanj Municipality, Ward No. 10, Mujahni,
Name & Profession Mr. Bashir Ahmad                (Social Service) Name & Profession Mr. Asad Kamal                                    (Farmer)
Position Executive Member Position Executive Member

Municipality Krishna Nagar, Ward No.: 03, District: Kapilvastu

Telephone/ Mobile:  977-76-520436, 9847288686

Banganga Municipality,  Ward No. 11, Ban Katwa, District: Kapilvastu

Telephone/ Mobile:  977-9847040033         

E-Mail: asadkamal2028@gmail.com

Telephone/ Mobile: 977-9817459912

E-Mail: hro.nepal@gmail.com

District: Kapilvastu

Telephone/ Mobile:  977-9817480849
Name & Profession Mr. Rahimullah Khan                    Industrialist Name & Profession  
Position Executive Member    

Municipality Krishna Nagar, Ward No.: 02, District: Kapilvastu

Mobile:  9847216903